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339 sigaretten peuken hebben semi zelfstandig hun weg naar de prullenbak gevonden op het festivalterrein van westerkeyn ( met een beetje hulp van suiita & buitengewoon.karin ; ) @Oerol Terschelling.

Instead of picking up litter and putting it into a bin reorganizing it to make a statement and just leave. ( only at festivals / residential areas as it will be cleaned up anyhow ). Today was the first out of many ideas to try at the Oerol festival at the beautiful Dutch island of Terschelling together with my friend. Picking up the cigarette buds with our bare hands right in front of people ( and not being a volunteer at the festival but a visitor) was a good conversation starter : ) And also during the creation of the little statement, a lot of people stoped by and thought it was a nice little gesture. Hard to capture on camera, and probably destroyed by innocent feet only minutes after we left, but even if one smoker rethinks throwing his cigarette on the ground next time, I think it was really worth it! 

@westerkeyn / @oerol
project ingredients :
339 cigarette butts +
2 pairs of hands +
2 pairs of stoute schoenen ; )

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